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Nicholas Smith CEO

Nicholas Smith

Chief Executive Officer

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Nicholas Smith is the sole founder of both Practice Improvements, Inc. and Arkansas High Performance Network ACO, LLC. Nicholas has a proven track record in startup entrepreneurship with a unique diversification in creating NEW very successful and innovative business models in the healthcare industry. He was instrumental in the strategic growth and development of three smaller startups, which are all now multi-million dollar annual revenue organizations, and one of which is now producing in excess of $100M annually.

Nick has worked closely with the innovation teams of both Walmart Corporation and Federal Medicare Innovation Center, as well as consulted for numerous other fortune 500 companies as large self-funded employer health plans. Nick led an innovation initiative which secured the first Medicare Innovation Center investment in Arkansas, supporting Independent Primary Care practices across the state, now successfully improving the quality of care and lowering overall total cost of care.

Notable professional accomplishments would include:

Nick was responsible for designing new strategies and programs that diversify revenue streams for Employer’s Health Coalition, a collaborative network of large, self-funded employers across Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Nick was instrumental in the developmental growth of strategic business model, birthed out of Employers’ Health Coalition, as a dedicated on-site primary care and disease management clinic service company for large employers to better service their employees and covered family members. Immediately successful, IMWell Health managed to significantly improve quality of patient care, while at the same time significantly reducing the total cost of care to the employer! Additionally between the 3rd and 5th year of a new clinic implementation, they were able to report and defend a 2/3 reduction in “avoidable” catastrophic hospitalizations with preventative services and proactive care management.

Currently Nick is the CEO of Practice Improvements, and is humbly honored to be a part of a company improving the operating business models of hundreds of clinic locations across several states, now referred to as “practice partners”, as well as improving the quality of ‘work-life’ to hundreds, if not thousands, of doctors and clinic staff, and most importantly improving the quality of life to so many patients across the country with these improved care models! (Very proven wellness & preventative services, proprietary software tools for gap in care identifiers and overall improved care management operations).