Practice Improvements

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(revenue enhancement opportunities)

  1. Gap In Care Analysis / Scheduling (GICA) An overall application of nationally established evidence based guidelines, standards of care, applied to a providers individual patient needs. Identifying opportunity, and scheduling those gap closure meetings back with providers, within their existing unused schedule capacity.
  2. Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) A comprehensive health risk assessment of each individual patients needs, THE FOUNDATIONAL strategy to ‘correct’ population health management!
  3. Advance Care Planning (ACP) An extremely beneficial service for the highest cost risk/highest risk patients.
  4. Chronic Care Management (CCM) A dynamic monthly telephonic care management service designed for patients with multiple chronic illnesses, to keep them tracking with their physician directives.
  5. Transitional Care Management (TCM) A proven post discharge follow up program to improve patient care coordination and reduce hospital readmissions.

MOST of these services are PAYOR AGNOSTIC  and come with NO patient out of pocket expense, and are highly desired and incentivized by the healthplan

I.T.A.R. 5 is our proprietary software

Identification, Tracking, Attacking, Reporting processes executed in 5 foundational portals delivered as one integrated technical solution


Our VALUE PROPOSITION is simple...

We identify GAPS IN CARE and then implement our comprehensive PATIENT ENGAGEMENT strategies to bring those patients in for appropriate care gap closure appointments. Our process is NON-DISRUPTIVE to the daily workflow in an office, and results in improved healthcare for the Patient, lower overall costs to payers, and improved QUALITY METRICS and additional revenue to Providers. We do this in a 100% “pay for performance” business model (we are only paid if we create new income for the clinic), and we target 2X PHYSICIAN NET INCOME in 12 to 24 months!!

Case Study

An owner/operator 2 physician PCP practice grossed $972,000 for year end 2015 ($81k per month). After payroll, clinic lease, insurance, professional services, and all other overhead the practice basically BROKE EVEN. No operating gain or loss and PCPs netted about $180k each...

What our clients say...

"HPN gave us the "plug and play" plan, the tools, and all the coaching needed to provide early and easy success in effective care management and a higher level of patient-centric practice that our "home brew" attempt simply couldn't acheive. The HPN team's vast experience, service ethic, and strong technical support every step of the way---from plan to implementation and beyond---brings new meaning to the word "partner". I have never experienced a more authentic and productive collaboration for the benefit of our patients, our clinicians, and our organization. Never. Nick and his team exceeded all expectations, making the difficult task of practice transformation into an exhilarating innovation that sets us apart!"

Dr. Randy Tobler, CEO

Scotland County Hospital, Memphis, MO

Click the video below to hear Dr. Randy Tobler and Nicholas Smith CEO of Practice Improvements talk about Population Health Management on Business for Breakfast.